31 January 2015

snapshots | lancaster, the lake district

on our last day in the lake district, we woke to below-freezing temperatures. it was the coldest day we'd had that whole week, and as we went to drive off back to lancaster t…
30 January 2015

valentine's day, schmalentine's day

pink champagne truffles c/o charbonnel et walker
you would think that a holiday that specialises in pink and love hearts and chocolates would be the one for me, right? sadly not.…
29 January 2015

a pretty grimm experience

philip pullman's compelling take on the infamous grimm tales is certainly something else. i had no idea what to expect before our arrival last wednesday night, but as we ente…
28 January 2015

winter wedding wardrobe

so my good friend laura is getting married this february. february is in winter time, for those of you playing at home who aren't familiar with seasons, or how they work. win…
27 January 2015

shake up your wake up

interactive version here
"new year, new me" eh. although i didn't make any real resolutions this year, and instead just set myself some 'new ways of thinking'…
26 January 2015

snapshots | from market to market

i have been pretty damn exhausted the last couple of days, and fighting a losing battle in avoiding picking up the dreaded lurgy; as a last-ditch effort to stay healthy i've …
24 January 2015

pillow cinema, shoreditch

what was last summer's hot tub cinema is this winter's pillow cinema; in the gutted remains of the old shoreditch underground station lays a new and improved cinema exper…
23 January 2015

frock swap | a reintroduction... of sorts

you might remember frock swap from last year's efforts; donna, rachel, debbie and i banded together for a swishing revolution. rather than shop for new or thrift for old, we …
22 January 2015

review | the little yellow door, notting hill gate

dear all future pop-up restauranters in london, you're done. don't bother trying to fly your latest hair brained idea past the shortlist and evening standard mags, and ho…