30 June 2016

drake and morgan at king's cross

i'm a big fan of the drake and morgan bars and restaurants. the fable does one of the best sunday roasts around, and the refinery's bar has come to be one of my favourite…
29 June 2016

maxi style, mini effort

outfit one : dress | necklace | sunnies | slides | bag | outfit two : dress | clutch | necklace platforms outfit three : dress | sunnies | hat | bag | sandals
it's no secre…
27 June 2016

jessops academy class of 2016

a couple of years back, i was invited to come along and take a taster class at the jessops academy training school on oxford street. back then i didn't own a camera so they l…
24 June 2016

chi kitchen, oxford street

there are some types of food that i know i will love before i eat them, and one of those types of food is pan-asian bbq. like actually, i've never met a bbq that i didn't…
23 June 2016

a twelve in twelve update

at the start of this year, i made a decision: this year would be the travel year, next year would be the savings year. inspired by becca's incredible 12 holidays in 12 months…
22 June 2016

bedroom scandi-monium

chair : skandium | accessories : ikea
last weekend, we took a flatmate's trip out to flat-pack mecca, to pick up some bits and bobs for the palace, and also get our scandi-me…
21 June 2016

a taste of london

let me preface this post by saying: a few days after this event, i learnt how to use my camera properly. as in, how to adjust the light, colour, and effects, to make photos look …