31 July 2013

my wedding date

you guys have heard me harp on about weddings a lot so far this year, and well, that's because i am attending a lot. in my whole life up until this point, i have only been to
30 July 2013

recipe :: om nom nom!

during the week, my friend carmen wouldn't stop going on about this amazing cheesecake that her mum had made her on the weekend. like, would not stop. so on saturday i decided…
29 July 2013

art of the heart presents :: an awesome hair day diy

happy monday you lot! today i've been lucky enough to nab a guest post by the babe'n amy from art of the heart. she's got such great hair, no doubt cos she's a hai…
28 July 2013

smells like teen spirit

you guys know the love i have for new look. i get their emails like, every other day. like, every other day, i'm on the website. i want to know something; who decides what ema…
27 July 2013

meet the sponsors :: melly maraschino

happy saturday you lovely lot! this week i want to introduce you to the inspirational melly from sweet as a maraschino cherry. melly's blog is all about how to be body confide…
26 July 2013

friday favourites

congrats to all those students out there who will have either finished for the year, or - if they're really lucky like paige, have just graduated! school's out for the tea…
25 July 2013

w.i.w.t :: give me a break

shirt :: primark // dress :: new look // basket :: h&m // necklace c/o everything i love
of the number of new blue dresses i own (who am i?), i can't wait for the weather…
24 July 2013

panache lingerie :: review

when panache asked if i'd be interested in reviewing something from their range, how could i say no? i've always been big-busted, so to try a delicate set from their D-K …
23 July 2013

w.i.w.t :: vintage lover

shirt :: thrifted // skirt :: primark // shoes :: river island // headscarf :: thrifted // necklace c/o everything i love
this outfit made me feel a bit retro when i wore this ou…
22 July 2013

the a to z of me :: t

t is for travel
do you remember that old nursery rhyme 'monday's child'? well, i was born on a thursday, and my mum has always reaffirmed that means that i do in fact …
21 July 2013

the weekend edition

*i was spinning in the above pic, it's not blury by accident!* 
this morning, after an almighty sleep-in and bacon and egg sarnie, we were off to our new favourite sunday hang…