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hi there, i'm erica jean - welcome to my little corner of the internet! if you've made it here by accident, then thanks for stopping by; hopefully you find something worthwhile and interesting. if you do know me already, or if you've been forced here by my mum, then you are just as welcome, but... do allow me to apologise.. she can get quite pushy. she's a proud mum, you see.

i moved from australia to london when i was 25, to travel and see the world. being erica was born out of daily requests to get off facebook and move my tales elsewhere. i've always had a way with words and - never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story, my mother suggested i write a book about my travels. i don't think she considered my complete lack of ambition (at the time), so instead of putting pen to paper, i took to the internet. and... here i will stay.

these are a few of my favourite things : fresh flowers, glitter and love hearts, tea-parties (with coffee), thrifting for pre-loved and vintage treasure, polka-dots and bows, (strong) coffee, lots of pink blush, well.. actually pink everything, tattoos (now even on me!), dressing like a toddler (on purpose), instagram, live music, forever travelling, forever london, netflix and (lately) early nights. 

i'm sure we'll have something in common, and i'd love to hear from you!