31 October 2016

some happy things

i've taken the doctor's advice this week and slowed down a little. i've forfeited the gym on my nights off for early nights and lots of healthy dinners. i've also…
28 October 2016

style | babushka baby

the hunt is finally over! after all the window shopping and trying before i buying that i've done over the last few weeks, i've finaaaally managed to replace two pairs of…
27 October 2016

all day brunch at the diner

we all know i am a biiig fan of brunch, so when the email landed in my inbox telling me all about the diner's new and extensive all-american menu, well, i was intrigued. i…
26 October 2016

wishlist | party time, excellent!

lips bag | pink dress | leopard shoes | fluffy bag | floral dress | earrings | glitter clutch | lace dress | glitter heels | floral dress | quilted bag
if i remember correctly, i …
25 October 2016

five reasons to visit stoke-on-trent

you might remember that a few weeks back i headed to kingston-upon-hull to see exactly why it has been named the uk's city of culture for 2017. on the weekend there i just ha…