30 April 2013

w.i.w.t + ji ji kiki giveaway!

there are so many woodland animals happening up here today - these critters be buggin, yo! but seriously, how much of an excuse does one need to whip the old wig out when one'…
29 April 2013

sidebar hangs :: april

i've been so lucky to have had the company of those fab bloggers and small businesses over on the old side bar this month, that i thought it was high time to introduce you all…
28 April 2013

the weekend edition :: in pictures

:: friday :: double dot ootd :: payday lunch at carmelia's tea rooms in kingly court :: cream tea :: 
:: saturday :: breakfast of champions :: matching ootds :: passionfruit …
27 April 2013

live cute, stay cuter!

i have been a tumblr-cum-instagram follower of miss xanadu julie for so long now, i (creepily) think of her as a friend. i'm sure she feels the same way. if you know who i…
26 April 2013

five things

i literally don't know why this feature is called 'five things' anymore. i should rename it 'one hundred things', or 'five kinds of things'. but, ther…
25 April 2013

i want candy

when the wonderful charlie of yankee pop asked if i would be interested in sampling some of their freshly imported treats, i just about laughed in response. i mean, what kind of q…
24 April 2013

time travel :: wales day three

day two is here

considering that night we slept above a pub, we had an amaaaaazing sleep. undisturbed and deep, in a comfy bed and no puppies there to wake us up. it was the best …
23 April 2013

w.i.w.t :: all that glitters is good

on wednesday as i was managing my inbox, my eyes fell upon a delightful new email from dahlia; in it -beside the beautiful spring frocks and lacy blouses, was a model wearing the…