30 October 2012

a love affair

with vintage treasure, and winter food. observe:
this past weekend before meeting up with carmen for pre-halloween shenanigans, boyfriend and i wandered the streets of eat london…
29 October 2012


this past saturday we costumed up and head to o2 islington for a gloomy halloween spooktacular. we have been to feeling gloomy there in the past and always enjoyed our ti…
28 October 2012

slutty brownies

a few days ago i posted a link to a recipe i found on the londoner's blog, called 'slutty brownies'. the claim was made that these were the best brownies in the world
27 October 2012

fancy pants

(a review)(with poorly taken pictures, apologies)
in the job i do, i sometimes get to be involved in meetings with our external agencies. sometimes i get to tag along to lunch meet…
26 October 2012


1. new pastel nails 2.dressing for the spring...in autumn 3. half priced teriyaki from itsu for lunch 4. bare feet on cold floor boards 5. pink hair (again)!
1. autumn leaves 2. …