31 March 2016

travel | twelve in twelve

earlier in the year i mentioned my twelve in twelve goal: to see twelve new countries in twelve months. well. shortly after i posted that, many people mentioned how exciting that…
30 March 2016

wishlist | oliver bonas is where the heart is

framed print | bedside cabinet | retro chair | coffee table | art deco mirror | suitcase side table
i haz news! from the start of may, i will be in a brand new room, in a brand ne…
29 March 2016

travel | the single girl's guide to nottingham

*this is going to be a long post, i'm sorry in advance.*

this year is basically my last year to travel a ~lot and see a ~lot before i knuckle down and really start to save ha…
28 March 2016

some happy things

current mood: grumpy. knackered from a weekend away, snotty from a this head cold that i can't shift despite the glorious weather, and headachey from sniffing and blowing and…
25 March 2016

style | flower girl

i was sick over the weekend, in case you didn't notice me moan about it too much on the internet. well, i was. i was supposed to go out on saturday, and sunday, and instead i…
24 March 2016

travel | colours of murano + burano islands

the trip from the main island to murano was no more than fifteen minutes, and by the time we arrived at the jetty, the sun was out and warming everything it touched. including us…