29 July 2016

the artisan bistro, chelsea

remember that time i said i don't like travelling to west london unless it involves food or friends? well, thanks to another delicious invitation sliding into my inbox a few …
28 July 2016

five must haves from pergola on the roof

there are few things i will go to west london for; food and friends just happen to make that very, very short list. so, when i heard about the newest pop-up food fair on street -…
27 July 2016

wishlist | award winning wear

top : new look | skirt : george | shoes : new look | lippy : sephora | ring : pandora : clutch : house of fraser | diamond earrings : f. hinds | maxi dress : house of fraser
not …
26 July 2016

ten top tips for summer in bristol

the great western rail

take the train. in just under two hours, you'll stay comfortable as you speed west of london on the great western railway. i was lucky enough to travel …
25 July 2016

some happy things

the bright side | it's no secret i've been down a lot lately, but thanks to some wonderful new happy pills and potentially even some new methods of stress relief, i am fee…
21 July 2016

discovering grain store, king's cross

i'd heard only good things about chef bruno loubet's innovative and sustainable granary square restaurant, grain store (get it - granary square? grain? no.. ok), so the m…
20 July 2016

wishlist | picnicing in pastels

mason jar : lakeland | hat : asos | sunglasses : quay australia | tray : nest | blanket : cath kidston hamper : john lewis | melamine plates : cath kidston | satchel : cambridge …
19 July 2016

italy | snapshots of naples

ahhh naples. we arrived so late on that first night - like, almost midnight (because delays that weren't delays but then were delays), so by the time we had checked in and fo…