30 June 2015

w.i.w.t | festival fun

skirt : new look | sandals : primark | lace top : monki | floral crown : primark | belt : thrifted
how about that tan, eh? don't think you see it - just check out my pasty wh…
29 June 2015

london | taylor swift at bst, hyde park

it's worth making it clear from the start, that i'm not a massive fan of pop music - well, modern pop music anyway. i'd give anything to be able to relive the pop mus…
27 June 2015

review | healthy habits + urban fruit

much like the time i wondered how i would go about reviewing what was essentially five glasses of juice, when a carefully curated box of oven-baked fruit treats landed on my desk…
25 June 2015

snapshots | braunders wedding + betty's, york

the morning of the wedding was spent faffing; six girls and not enough power points - or fingers, if you were me, meant absolute chaos. we well-timed our showers and hair washing…
24 June 2015

london | when erica met char

on saturday, an amazing thing happened. i got to meet another internet friend, in real life. for months, char and i have been talking about a meet up in london, and all the fun w…
23 June 2015

snapshots | york + the yorkshire dales

the day after i landed from portugal, i furiously washed, dried, folded and repacked, as the very ~next day, i was yorkshire bound. i met the rest of the girls at king's cros…