30 September 2013

the a to z of me :: v

v is for vendetta err... vonderwall
as in, my surname. yes, it's my real name. no, it's not dutch. it's actually german; my father's grandparents were german emigr…
29 September 2013

the very best birthday present to myself, ever.

isn't she saaaaaaah pretty!? so, you'll remember i posted this wee roses and clementines diddy in my birthday wantlist last week, but as i went to publish that post, i fo…
28 September 2013

my best friend's wedding

it's here! i can finally share with you the sneaky pics from kim's wedding all the way back in august! i promised her i would keep this post safe until she had shared the …
27 September 2013

the ultimate birthday dress ( + bon voyage!)

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
happy friday, happy birthday and a big bon voyage to me! today, boyfriend and i are off to australia for a couple of weeks and - before you get these grand ideas o…
26 September 2013

holiday reads

bossypants :: tina fey // is everyone hanging out without me (and other concerns) :: mindy kaling
i read someone's reviews recently on these two books (i can't remember w…
25 September 2013

brand crushing :: the oriental magpie (+a giveaway!)

since moving in to my new flat a few months back, i feel like my whole life is about furniture and fittings now. like, everywhere i turn i think, ooh, i wonder where they got tha…
24 September 2013

w.i.w.t :: mod + mustard

bag c/o ji ji kiki // swing coat :: vintage // skirt + shoes :: new look // shirt + jumper + bow + tights :: primark
let's take a minute to worship the vintage coat, eh? i fo…
23 September 2013

if i was a rich girl (na na na nananannaana na)

as i was waiting for the piccadilly line on friday night, one of the adverts on the northbound platform caught my eye. although i could hear the train pulling in, i couldn't …
22 September 2013

review :: rimmel lasting finish by kate moss

you might have seen this post over on amy's blog art of the heart last week, but for those who didn't... here it is! oh also, it might seem a little hypocritical after my …