31 July 2015

wishlist | tutti fruiti

top | ring | tote | shoes | skirt | jumper | clutch | shopper | necklace | shoes | dress

ever since i picked up my fabulous pineapple tea dress by sugarhill boutique back in april…
30 July 2015

w.i.w.t | polkadotty for apricotty... part two

skirt c/o apricot bag shoes : new look | shirt : primark
earlier today i shared my favourite outfit to date - well, that was until i was putting the polka dot shirt back in i…

w.i.w.t | polkadotty for apricotty... part one

this is officially my favourite outfit of all time. i've had this skirt from apricot hanging in my wardrobe for ~weeks (after i featured a diff colour version of it in a wish…
29 July 2015

on reflection.

i'll be 31 this year. when i tell people my age, their response is normally shock, which kind of makes me feel great. i don't feel my age - whatever that means, i guess t…
28 July 2015

w.i.w.t | sense + sennheiser

chocolate brown sennheiser headphones c/o john lewis

the struggle for good headphones is real. the ones that come with the phone - albeit portable, are pretty crap quality, get i…
27 July 2015

some happy things.

this has been another tough week in my world, where "doing things" has become all that little bit harder, with the temporary loss of one hand. although, i am off to the…
24 July 2015

flora dora + the bow road bbq

almost exactly one year ago to the day, a group of girls gathered on the roof of a block of flats in dalston to watch an incredible lightening storm hit london. with their pink 7…
23 July 2015

launch | chinese unchopped with jeremy pang

i am ~all about good, clean, fast and healthy food. ok, so maybe not all the time, but definitely at home, when i'm cooking for one. eating out is another story all together,…
22 July 2015

wishlist | the turquoise of the town.

midi dress | mint heels | mel flats | round bag | tote bag | tea dress | pink bag | teal heels | skirt | unicorn jumper
all of the turquoise things! the thing that started this pa…
21 July 2015

event | five senses of turkey

last tuesday night was a memorable one, for a few reasons. not least of all because i got to meet my number one blogger-crush, but because it was the first talented talkers event …