29 April 2012


apologies for not being about - my excuse is a combination of laziness and boredom and .. well, i've not really been in the mood for life this week - d-day is upon me and i&#…
22 April 2012

good news

the eBay store i bought my dress from have agreed to exchange it for a new one! they are completely sold out of the apricot, so i will be getting the blue one with bows this time!…
21 April 2012

last friday night

so... i won a bar tab during the week, for friday night. it was not for our local, but rather a place in soho we used to goto a lot after work. piccadilly institute. we used to g…
18 April 2012

stop looking at my melons

on sunday i had to return some stuff from saturday's spree, so after spending the morning doing choooores i headed out (sans boyfriend!) back to bromley. it was coooooold and …
15 April 2012

close enough

nail experimentation complete! not quite what i had planned, but am super happy with the outcome! what do you think?

if you're interested in the step-by-step tutorial that i f…
14 April 2012

my thrifty day

today it was decided that we would go thrifting so i could put my new crafting equipment to good use. i was after fabrics, accessories or nic-nacs that could be reinvented or reju…
11 April 2012

wednesday wishlist

i have got a serious shopping addiction. today is all about window shopping instead, so.  (feel free to buy me all or any as necessary)

i'm seeing a theme.

e xx

10 April 2012


honeybee emailed me back, and she is soooo sweet! i honestly didnt expect her to, and even wrote in my email that there was no need to reply, but she did! total girl crushed!

this …
9 April 2012

in another life

i have been thoroughly lazy this easter long weekend. despite having 4 whole days to do all of those things i had wanted to do, or planned to do (read: nothing), boyfriend an i ma…
4 April 2012

the story

so as i said, i've been verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry busy. for bex's birthday a group of the gals and guys headed up to liverpool for a few action-packed days, with a li…