29 January 2016

style | flower power

pinafore dress : asos | top + boots : primark
when i saw this dress in the asos sale after christmas, i had to have it. the pink orla-kiely-esque daisy emblem in the centre of the…
28 January 2016

top tips for coloured-hair care

i've been dying my hair for almost 15 years. for real, and it's been just about every colour under the sun - and lucky for me, the majority of them have suited me. no mor…
27 January 2016

wishlist | galentine's day gifts

bobby pins | dress | skirt | necklace | top | purse | lippy | perfume | travel cup
last year i challenged myself to wear love hearts every day for the week leading up to valentine…
26 January 2016

london | the travelex tourist

when i first moved to the uk, it's fair to say i had no idea what to expect. from anything, really. from the weather, from the job market, from humanity, especially though, f…
25 January 2016

some happy things

the only way to kick a cold's arse is to kick a cold's arse, right? right! this week i have mainly been keeping busy in hopes that one day i will wake up and magically fe…
22 January 2016

style | swingin' in stripes

dress and boots : primark | necklace c/o yosa

swing dresses are the flavour of the year, for me. hider of sins, flatterer of curves, bringer of comfort, a swing dress is now my s…
21 January 2016

travel | snapshots of edinburgh

i've shared a couple of posts from my two weeks in edinburgh already, but there are just so many photos to go through, and i just don't have a lot of words left about the…
20 January 2016

wishlist | serious stationery staples

floral planner | pink leather journal | karen smith pin | pop cult pencils | fruity note set | fruity bookmarks | polka dot pens | pastel markers | watermelon planner | yay or meh…
19 January 2016

relax, with ocean

christmas and new year's - although a lovely break from work, did not leave me as well rested and recuperated as i would have liked to be when i came back to london, raring t…