28 August 2012

my week in pictures

this past week i have been battling the evil man flu. boyfriend suffered some minor symptoms, but i always seem to get it that little bit worse. i was suppose to catch up with an …
27 August 2012

homemade pumpkin soup

an easy recipe!
today my domestic goddess is singing - oh yes, she's singing. for i, have made pumpkin soup by myself. and it wasn't even hard? and i love pumpkin soup! s…
25 August 2012

birthday wish list

uh oh, it's that time again.. this year i'll be 28 (!!!!!!!) and, strangely enough, my entire wish list this year is rather sensible. adult, if you will. i never really &…
19 August 2012

saying goodbye

this week has been a tough one for a few reasons; partly because it's the week before the week before pay day. partly because boy friend and i both got a case of man flu and …
18 August 2012

insta(gram)nt dinners

the following pictures serve to show how excellent a cook during the week, and also how well i take pictures of said food. do you have an instagram? do follow me? you should! @im…
16 August 2012

time travel - the cotswolds

01 - 03 - 2011
last wednesday i found myself with a million other londoners on the tube in the wee hours. i had a meeting with a recruitment agent at 10 in the city, and an appoint…