31 December 2014

christmas at kew

a couple of weeks ago, rebekah, charlotte and i made the epic journey to kew gardens after work for a unique, after-dark experience. guided by snowflakes, we followed a one-mile …
30 December 2014

on rest and relaxation

This year has been exhausting; there was my break up in March, I moved house in May, I then had Mum here until July when I started my new job, and then it was summer! Couple that…
29 December 2014

kettner's | the orphans do dinner

last sunday night, the girls and i got together for one final dinner before we each went our separate ways for christmas; with ani and dav back in new zealand for the holidays, b…
26 December 2014

snapshots | nuremberg christmas markets

and on the second day, the eastern-european girl band and i hit the markets. while the others sipped on gluhwein, i scoffed down choc-dipped strawberries and cinnamon chimney bre…
25 December 2014

w.i.w.t | christmas day darling

merry christmas, friends! 
rebekah and i are keepin' it cosy in the lake district (praying for snow) this week, in our very own cabin in the woods... well, sort of. it's j…
24 December 2014

travel diaries | nuremberg christmas markets pt. 1

flying is a funny old thing, innit. i love travelling, right. do it a lot. do it a lot more than some people, and definitely a lot less than others, but as someone who does it a …
23 December 2014

wish lusting

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so, i don't know if you heard or not, but last week was not the one for me. yes, it started with an overseas holiday - but, and overseas holiday …
22 December 2014

alice's adventures in wonderland

if you get a chance to see christopher wheeldon's"alice's adventure in wonderland" at the royal opera house, then i sincerely pray you do. charlotte had the won…