30 May 2015

holiday capsule

hey guess what? i hate the summer. yep, that's right, i am an australian human who does not enjoy the sunshine. i mean, it feels nice on the skin, and it's warming and it…
29 May 2015

w.i.w.t | dusty daze

duster coat c/o george at asda | top + skirt : primark | boots*: asos
(have you ever seen a more displeased erica?)
here's a fun fact: i'm not trendy. shocking! i know! bu…
28 May 2015

being super sick is awesome*

*sarcasm sign
it's been coming for a long time, i suppose, and can partly be explained by my moods of late and also ~the sitch i found myself in a few weeks go (the one with …
27 May 2015

w.i.w.t | peachy keen, jellybean

my love for sugarhill boutique grows stronger with every day and every email that comes through my inbox, offering me discounts, and reminding me of their delicious sale section. …
26 May 2015

taco tuesday with brixton brewery and wahaca

meep! you guys know how much i luhhhhve wahaca, right, and so naturally i follow them on twitter. last weekend i was casually scrolling through my twitter feed when i saw them tw…
25 May 2015

so... eurovision

eurovision is a big deal in the uk, huh. apparently it's a big deal in australia too, if the live voting and simple fact that they were ~involved in eurovision this year is a…
23 May 2015

london | suzanna gonzo is the dark lady

on monday after work, bex and i headed to islington for a preview of what was billed as suzanna gonzo's (most recently of musical bingo hostess fame) critically acclaimed yet…
22 May 2015

ted baker is a sweetie

a couple of months ago now, i reviewed the 'london' scented candle by ted baker, and mused about how the 'miami' and 'tokyo' scents would be next on my hi…
21 May 2015

no please, you misunderstand

last week when i posted some idle ramblings about my hair, i wasn't doing it for attention. if i'm honest, i rarely write anything here just for the attention - that'…
20 May 2015

wishlist | plus one

lace tee | sunnies | clutch bag | necklace | floral crown | tulle skirt | platform sandals | ring
so, i was lucky enough to score a plus one to a beyond-amazing wedding that's…
19 May 2015

w.i.w.t | famous last words

when boohoo got in touch with me about the charity campaign they're running for the stroke association, i barely had to ask for details before deciding to be involved, regardl…
18 May 2015

london | pre-theatre dinner at kettner's

last monday i very lucky to have been invited along to sample the new pre-theatre menu at kettner's in romilly street, thanks very much to the wonderful rebecca at official t…
14 May 2015

w.i.w.t | polka-dotty

dress : h&m | top : primark | shoes*: asos
i am dead bored of my fricken hair, dead bored, the length is too short, but the fringe will not grow. i hate wearing it down, but …