31 July 2014

w.i.w.t | great plains are never dull

hat : h&m | dress c/o great plains | belt + shoes : primark

can we all agree this dress is an odd length for me? that's all i ever hear from people about my beloved maxi …
30 July 2014

mundane (of sorts) midweek

we all know the worst thing about starting a new job is all the learning you do in the first few days, right? like, you meet one zillion new people and have to try and remember th…
29 July 2014

w.i.w.t | strawberries + custard

crown + belt : primark | dress c/o lavish alice | bag : asos | necklace*: dorothy perkins | shoes*: bhs

bruises, bruises, everywhere! i honestly don't know where half of the …
28 July 2014

the weekend edition

so, friday was my last day at work before starting my new job today. as is the tradition, a last day in a job almost certainly calls for some sort of commiseratory after work drin…
26 July 2014

the end of an era

yesterday was the last day in the first job I had here in the uk. I've not really spoken a lot about my job on here (until recently), and mostly because there was not a lot t…
25 July 2014

it's a filofax afair

filofax personal organiser c/o filofax | everything else : poundland | washi tapes : wilkos
i love stationery. there's no point hiding that fact, because get me anywhere nea…
24 July 2014

w.i.w.t | leather + lace + legs (+ a promotion!)

crown : crown + glory | pandora leather bracelet + rings c/o joshua james | dress c/o walG | shoes : primark
holy short skirt batman! i took these pictures on saturday, a.k.a the…
23 July 2014

introducing.... the pink 76

what happens when world duty free and london's leading mixologist charlie mccarthy get together and talk cocktails and the summer drinks festival? well apparently, it leads t…
22 July 2014

w.i.w.t | the weather outside is weather

crown + shoes + bag : primark | shirt + skirt* : new look | lippy : kate moss for rimmel no. 16

youuuuuuu guuuuuuys it's so stupidly hot at the moment; i can't handle it …
21 July 2014

stratford upon avon (looooong; grab a cuppa)

in mum's last week here in the UK, I took a few days off work to spend with her (as mentioned last week) before she left for another two years (accurate; she will be back). a…