24 March 2012

my sunshiney day

i had plans today to catch up with my best mate Bex and a few other girls to take in some culture and go and  see david shrigley's exhibition 'brain activity' at the …
23 March 2012

good deeding

so, for the past few years the company I work for has offered the services of the call centre floor as well as a bunch of staff and their family and friends as phone operators for…
22 March 2012

i'm basically a celebrity

cos i have had visitors from both germany and alaska. thanks for stopping by guys!

stay classy north america.

erica x
21 March 2012

my boring life

yesterday was the quarterly communications day at work, which i guess most people dread, but as i work at the coolest place in the world** it's kinda a big deal. see, technica…
18 March 2012

spring hath sprung

as part of my current internal battle against my body i have decided to try exercising. except.. exercising is bollocks and is awful and boring and anyone who actually genuinely d…

a new begining

wow... here  i am, blogging! the best (and worst) part about setting this up has been deciding how i want the page to look, as well as how much info about me i want to put on it..…