30 September 2015

some happy things.

my my, haven't i been a busy girl; barely time to breathe since we last caught up - what with work, packing, handing shit over, doing good in the community, and then heading …
29 September 2015

style | award winning (we hope!)

skirt c/o boohoo.com | top c/o bonmarche | bag c/o lydc | shoes c/o new look | crown : markets
last week i threw a few options at you about what i should wear to the bloggers blog…
25 September 2015

travel | i'm off!

on the first bloody holiday i've had in monnnths, and one that i've been looking to for the longest time; bex and i are off to turkey today, and will be back mid-ne…
24 September 2015

style | got it in black?

denim jacket (similar) | lace top | plaid skirt | suede bag | tea dress | boots | polka dot dress | grey dress | scuba skirt | tapestry skirt | polka dot skirt
oh no big deal, i j…
23 September 2015

food | platform 1, east dulwich

last wednesday i joined rosie at east dulwich's newest fine-dining pop-up restaurant; platform 1. located on lordship lane, it's only a twenty(ish) minute walk from my lo…
22 September 2015

style | bloggers blog awards

crown | top | skirt | pins | dress | shoes | bag | dress | boots

unless you've been living under a rock for the past month or so, you will have been keeping up to speed with t…
21 September 2015

some happy things.

what a small, sad collage of photos that is in comparison to previous some happy things posts. the reason for that is that for the most part, this week has not been a happy one. …
19 September 2015

london | betty's tea party

on saturday i headed to angel in north london to attend the one event i had been looking forward to for so. freaken. long; betty's tea party, with yorkshire's finest tea-…
18 September 2015

style | green (tea) wiith envy

hello. my name is erica, and i have an addiction: pretty dresses. although i'm sure this is not news to many of you, you will be shocked to learn that my love of pretty frock…
17 September 2015

beers, babes, and burritos

burrito chain tortilla brought the beach to central london last thursday, with an end of summer party to rival any other. all in the name of "helping a londoner out", w…
16 September 2015

time after time.

flower crown | tea dress | glitter pumps | shirt | tea cup set | glasses | pillow | crosley | fancy wine glasses
after betty's tea party and a wander through the homeware depa…
15 September 2015

style | lucky number 226

last week i joined katy and emsy - and a slew of other bloggers, at the blogger fun fair, hosted by joe browns. the invitation to the fair claimed to have fair games and snacks, …
14 September 2015

some happy things.

this week's been a week. highs and lows, ups and downs, and i'm exhausted. i am counting down the days now until my turkish holiday (ten), because i'm starting to fee…
12 September 2015

snapshots | leeds city, west yorkshire

last weekend, rebekah and i headed up to leeds for the night. yes, just the night. originally it was meant to be mike and i going up - after my brief stint in york, he basically …