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30 June 2012


i am officially obsessed with mint. and teal. and aqua. well, most pastel colours are my favourite colours, but at the moment i am utterly spellbound by mint. so much so, that on thursday night, as i was shopping around for a birthday present for boyfriend, i came across these coveted 'melissa' flip flops by vivienne westwood - ON SALE, and instantly bought them. without a second thought. 

i mentally scanned my entire wardrobe and built an outfit for the following day. i knew these shoes had to be worn. despite the weather man suggesting rain - i was a woman undeterred! i was going to wear these bad boys, come hell or high water (thankfully, the worst we encountered was light spittering on the way home).. and come friday morning, this is how i chose to welcome these pretties to the big, bad world...

and then today, after dropping mum to the airport (more on that in a bit), i found myself reeeeally needing a wee about half way home. we jumped off the tube at hammersmith, i paid my .50p for a wee, then came across this cheap make up stall in the middle of the mall above the station. they had a range of make up - big brands and not, and i saw a bowl full of glitter nail polishes... you'll never guess what colours i picked up!

like i said: a woman obsessed. other fun things this week include (but are certainly not limited to) the gorgeous weather this week allowing me a few of my favourite things; namely iced coffee and maxi dresses! last weeks nails were very 'club tropicana' - as seen (slightly) in the pics below, and inspired a LOT of colourful outfits (what's new). monday was the honeycomb crop top...
tuesday saw my anniversary 'ted baker' flip flops meet the world for the first time - and what better way that with this latina cantina look, all thanks to some crafty d.i.y on an old maxi dress with a far too low cut neck line, which is now sans-bodice and remains only as a maxi skirt instead! team that with an old too-short singlet with a slice up the middle, and voilĂ ! 

wednesday night, we met mum in town after work where she had just finished with a matinee of the 39 steps near piccadilly. she took us out for a 'thank you and goodbye' meal at bella italia in leicester square, where we once again abused the taste cards (seriously, such a good card. visit the website for a 30 day free trial - you won't regret it, i swear). because we had 2 cards, we were able to get 2-for-1 on all starters, mains and deserts...... so we had 4 starters + mains and 2 desserts between the three of us. we were SO FULL. and we got HALF OF IT FOR FREE.
thursday was paaaaaaydaaaaaaay and the first thing i did was visit asos and pick 100 things i wanted. i then showed boyfriend, who shook some sense in and the list was narrowed down...one thing in particular that i regret not buying, and probably (definitely) will buy later in the week, are these cuuuute 'skye wedges' in denim blue. they will go with eeeeverything! some of the things i did buy are this super cute heart print skater dress in cream and pink (duh) and also this spot mesh mini dress in nude - although i think it looks pinky/coral, so will wait and see about that.. pay day is so fun. to celebrate our new-found richness, liz, carmen, brucie and i headed to wagamama's for lunch... yuuuuurm. no, i did not have the katsu curry. instead, i had the wagamama ramen and it were gooooooooood.

that night, we took mum out for dinner, and were lucky enough to get some £10 tickets to see the wizard of oz musical on argyll street too! pay day rocks! we had dinner at leon on carnaby street, after buying the best shoes of the century, and then headed up to claim our seats. the view was pretty good from up in the nose bleed section, but my poor, weary legs were not comfortable in the teeny chairs with no leg room, and it made the show seem loooong. it was a great show though, full of laughs, a well trained puppy, and of course all the songs we remember from kidhood. argh! loved it.. definitely recommend anyone to see it, mama and boyfriend really enjoyed it too - and i think i would have to say it's in my top 3 stage shows - up there with 'lion king' and 'hairspray' which are also my fave musical films too.. oh, and 'the sound of music'. oh... and 'grease'. oh.... shit, i dunno. it was good, and i think i will re-watch the wizard of oz movies ('the wizz' and 'return to oz; also) so i can revert to kidhood once more.
on friday i had leon again for lunch, cos it was sooooo good the night before. and this time, i took a picture of my persian chicken and avocado superfood salad and raspberry lemonade for you (it's kind of how i roll).
today was a saaaaad day; mumma left for her long journey home. we had another late night last night, so didn't even get to hang out with her one last time before she left.. kinda why we had those few nights out during the week . nevertheless, even though we were in so late last night, we were up and out nice and early to get her to heathrow in time for leg 1 of her journey home. she is hanging out in singapore for a few days before actually getting home next wednesday. she's been here so long now it feels like she belongs here! it's nice to have my lounge room back though :P she will definitely be missed, and it will be strange to not be so gogogogogogogogo in all my free time. i really hope she had a good time, and i warned her at the airport that if she cried, i would slap her in public. she didn't cry.

we left her there and headed home - save for the having to get off the train to wee part, it was a pretty long journey. and hot too. what's up with this weather?! we got off at embankment and walked across the river to catch some sun, and take in the food markets behind the film institute where we stopped for some delisssssshous lunch. there's this one tasty stand that makes roast boar/pork sandwiches which are TODIEFOR and i always finish it off with a slice of baked cheesecake. caramel, today. the slice was demolished in under 3 minutes - no word of a lie. 
when we finally got back to grove park, boyfriend headed home while i popped up to bromley to continue to the great birthday present hunt (unsuccessfully). having just missed the bus, i started to walk, and walk and walk, and shopped a few of the charity shops on the way, and got about half way there before deciding i was too hot and bothered to carry on. did get a good half an hour of sun in under my belt though, which was good. aaaah!

i've been a busy girl again this week.. what about you?

until next time...

erica x