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21 November 2016

some happy things

let's make this short, shall we, as i've had a pretty wanky morning, after a pretty lousy week. i'm talking in a very "first world problems" kind of way, obviously. my phone broke on sunday and had to go in for replacement first thing on monday, where i was issued with a 'loan phone'. a loan phone from the early noughties, meaning that downloading apps and listening to music and photo-taking were all kinds of notgoingtohappen, making me all kinds of miserable. 

thankfully my friends are the best, and after an stressful 24 hours, i was issued with an iphone to help me get through my twenty first century life. and then it refused to sync to my computer today. which is great! but hey ho, problem solved, photos saved, so let's focus on the happy stuff, like:

coffee | isn't it the best? especially when a company you love send you some of their newest blend to try and it's truly delicious and makes up for the fact your tuesday is completely lacking in other good things. coffee makes the world go round, no?

all pink, all the time | finding lost-lost items in your wardrobe in time for wednesday styling makes for one wholly-pink outfit. and leopard print boots, because i'm not a maniac. i got a looooot of comments on the pink outfit, and i couldn't stop laughing at all the looks on the tube. oh, i have fun.

taste of christmas | as is tradition, on thursday night bex and i headed along to tobacco dock for the christmas installment of the taste of london. more on this coming in the week, but what started as a pretty average night took a turn for the better with the discovery of some amazing new brands! can't wait to share all the details with you this week. if you like indie brands, keep your eyes peeled.

rugging up | because it's fun being cute.

city breaks | very early friday morning we headed to stansted, sweden-bound. it was my mission this year to hit up 12 new places (abroad or at home) in 12 months, and gothenburg was number 13. i'd not really been keeping tabs on my travelling, knowing i just had to get through as many as i could, and i am pumped now to know that i have taken five international trips, and eight - yes eight internal trips this year. i've still got december to plan, so who knows.. i might just make that 14 before the year is out.

relaxing | luckily i had the foresight to book monday off, because the journey home on sunday night was mental, and i wouldn't have wished it on anyone. i got in just after 11, after a delayed flight and a typical southern fail journey home. monday morning was restful, warm, and comfortable in my oown bed. there is nothing better.

busy schedules | this week is going to be mental. i have so many plans, with so many friends, and i can't wait to get it started. so, here's to a busy week, and for fun plans that make me happy.

i hope you have some fun plans coming up too!

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