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13 October 2017


i read a really great quote the other day that said, "when it rains, look for rainbows. when it's dark, look for the stars", and despite not being an optimist in any way, i liked the sentiment. mainly because: rainbows. which again, is mainly why i love this tee that i nabbed from sugarhill boutique moments before jetting off to japan, because: rainbows. something about rainbows really resonates with me (emotionally and aesthetically), so i was pleased as punch when it arrived days before i set off.

i saved this tee for our last sunny day in tokyo, when katy and i planned to explore shibuya, shinjuku, and harajuku in depth for the last time. we'd already been through harajuku a few days earlier, and i knew that this tee was going to be the perfect thing to wear while exploring the nooks and crannies of these super colourful corners of the city.. and i wasn't wrong because look at this incredible mural we found while wandering some back streets in harajuku!

charity tee c/o sugarhill boutique | culottes : new look | backpack + sunglasses c/o love the sales | necklace : zeal and heart | pictures c/o katy english

the tee is super cute and comfy, thanks to its cotton mix, curved back hem, and pretty pink piping around the neck, and the colourful print on the front isn't that weird embossing print that will lift in the wash, so i know i can look forward to a load more wears before i retire the tee for next summer. the playful print was designed by sugarhill's in-house team specifically for a limited run of charity tees for uk charity whoopsadaisy - a local charity who work closely with children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders. in fact, £10 from each sale of the #wearandcare range will go to whoopsadaisy, which is a very nice fact indeed, and makes the sentiment of the rainbow all the more perfect, dontcha think?

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