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7 March 2018


i'm told that spring is on its way, but i can't be sure for certain. mainly because i'm watching it snow as i type this, and partly because i can't imagine any other temperature than "cold", as it's been so long. i will be in the canaries when this post publishes, and hopefully a damn sight warmer than i am today, and that will be the warmest i've felt in some time. even cyprus wasn't warm, so it really does feel like this winter has been eternal; i am longing for the sunnier months where i can wear more colour, wear less jumpers, and get my toes out once more.

i've been preparing - or, trying to, by filling my basket but lots of beautiful spring pieces. florals (for spring? groundbreaking.), block pastels, and soft knits are what's taking up most of my window shopping, with a classic stripe thrown in for good measure. baby blue is a new one for me, but with my newer, pinker hair, i'm quite sure it's going to be my new favourite colour combo - especially with a touch of butter yellow. i'm living for the block on block colours, for sure, as well as the femininity of ruffles, scallops, and lacy edges for a bit of texture and flair. pizzazz, even.

hurry up, spring. i am so ready for you and your colour palettes!