getting wedding ready

it might have been the wedding of the year at the weekend, but i've got another wedding to go to in a few weeks, up in scotland, and i'm torn about what to do. i'm obviously going up for the big day, but do i fly up on the morning of the wedding, hurry to the venue, change there, and then take my seat for my friend's wedding? do i go up the night before the wedding, have a good night's sleep and early start on getting ready, and come back the day after? do i get the overnight train up, book myself a day-use hotel to nap and get ready in, before heading to the venue in the afternoon? i really just don't know. and i ought to decide soon really, as it's just over a month away now.

luckily, there's one thing i don't need to decide on, and that's what i'm going to wear. i spotted this dress by elvi - a site new-to-me but introduced by a few plus-sized gals that i follow on the old tinternet. the great thing about elvi? they're not just a plus size brand. they're not a straight-size brand with a plus-size range. they're a brand who believe that humans come in all shapes and sizes, and so make clothes that reflect that. which i think is pretty neat (especially as i do follow a lottttt of bigger gals online and forever furious when i can't get the things they're wearing in my size)(the irony isn't lost on me there, i assure you), don't you?

dress c/o elvi | mules : primark | bag : skinnydip london

so, the dress. it's from their premium collection, and a bit not what i'd usually go for, and - i won't lie: i'm a little intimidated by the frou-frou, but... i think that i can pull it off. with a light coloured sandal and my wonderfully metallic cross body bag, i think i'm able to give the outfit a little more chill than it might have had given a more outrageous shoe/bag combo. i'm not sure about the hair. depending on where i'm getting ready will depend on my hair, i guess, as i can hardly whip out the old curling tongs in the service station of the perthshire motorway, but given a day-room stay i would potentially be able to work something akin to magic. or maybe i wear it low and sleek. or maybe just straight. or maybe up, with a big flower, or.. or.. or.. what would you do?

*dress was kindly gifted by elvi. post written in collaboration with all words are my own.