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19 November 2018

some happy things

ahhh, i've had a bloody great weekend. i'll tell you more about saturday's escapades later in the week, but i'll tell you this for free: it was just what i needed after a particularly tiresome week. work has been tough; long nights and difficult days, and this weekend was just what i needed to reset everything and make sure this week was kicked off in the right way. i'm really trying to reclaim my weekends and not waste them too much (as i have been guilty of many times), but having a cracking day to myself to really unwind was really needed.

last sunday was probably one of my best days in a while. i spent the morning pottering around the flat, getting my washing done and groceries in, blah blah, and being that it was such a nice day, i planned to get out and find myself a tasty roast somewhere; i had my eyes set on greenwich, but by the time i arrived, the clouds were threatening to open up, and of course, i didn't bring an umbrella. there was blue sky all around the outside, but those grey ones were right above. and in the space of five minutes - the time i took for me to get off the bus and get to the observatory, it'd opened up on me and disappeared again, leaving me soaked through.

it was laughable, really, but worth it to see the rain clear over that view - my favourite view of london. i wandered around the planetarium for a bit, and then headed back into the village for a wander. i ended up in the gipsy moth for a roast for one - with a glass of wine to boot - and truly, couldn't stop grinning like a fool. it was one of the best days, and it was all alone. god i love me some alone time.

i saw my wee monty pal on monday, instead of friday, and it was very brief, but just what i needed. i'd been having a mare with the doctors not sending a prescription, and not sending me info as requested, so in my break on monday i had to run down to the surgery to sign some paperwork again, which only left me twenty minutes or so to hang with the puppy. i took him to the park and we ran in the damp grass, and played with sticks, and met some of the other local puppies, and it was bladdy lovely. he really is so good for the soul, that boy...

on monday night i met up with katy for a wagamamas feast. we met with exec chef steve and ramenista matt to hear all about the winter menu at wagas. it includes three new ramen dishes, and we got to taste them all! my fave was the korean beef brisket, but the miso glaze salmon was also pretty darn tasty. i haven't been to wagas in such a long time - before i even went to japan, i think, and being there in their pop-up ramen-ya in central london really took us right back to those amazing few weeks last year. and also reminded me how good a chilli ramen is on a cold, miserable night.

i received such a lovely and thoughtful parcel this week, that i was sort of gushing a bit about it over on instagram. it's uncommon for me to receive many parcels that i haven't bought myself these days - my day is done with press parcels i think, but this one was truly one of the best. it was from etsy's london local team, and they had filled it with handmade items from small businesses in london, and it was absolutely choc full of things that are really very "me" - they had spent plenty of time getting to know me before they sent it, and really, i was very taken aback by it! there was a print in there that i absolutely adore, and that has been made pride of place on my mantle, surrounded by some new plants.

and then saturday - oh saturday - was such a fucking fun day. we went along to a bottomless brunch in north london (which i will share more with you later in the week), and i swear i cracked a rib from laughing so hard that day. i seriously woke in the night with the weirdest pain in my body, and i think i had actually pulled a muscle from laughing. those big, belly laughs that cause the tears, and the prosecco to come out your nose? yeah, those. so that was saturday, and also why i spent all of sunday in bed. one good turn deserves another, and all that.

it was also my mum's birthday this week - happy birthday mumsie! how has your week been? tell me one happy thing...

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