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5 December 2018

fussy coffee: my number one coffee place in new haven, connecticut

that title was a bit of a private joke, sorry. basically, we were in new haven for a few days toward the end of the trip to visit rebekah's friend marc, and meet his wife and baby. they've been in new haven for the best part of four - maybe five - years, and the thing marc kept saying to us was "this is my first favourite drinking spot" or "this is my third fave coffee place", which i started to find really funny.. i don't know why, sorry. but, seeing as we too got the opportunity to try a few different coffee spots while we were there, i can now declare that fussy coffee is my number one coffee place in new haven.

and honestly, the reason it made the top spot, isn't even because of the coffee. nope, it was more the whole vibe of the place, as well as the incredible breakfast options they offered while we were there. the restaurant itself is nothing to write home about, but the guys that work in there are some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable about coffee that there have ever existed. and the location? yale's science park, so the vibe in that coffee house was verrrrry cool. it was mainly college kids working on their cleverness, but.. it's yale, yaknow, bonus points for keeping the genii of tomorrow alive and kicking with caffeienation.

the actual highlight though, and the thing i *am* writing home about, was their cheddar biscuit. any regular watching of american tv shows will know that an america biscuit is nothing like an english biscuit - in fact, it's more like a savoury scone, and it's there to mop up your meal. in the case of this cheddar biscuit though, it was there to act as a savoury muffin-type-thing, and was the foundation of the rest of the meal - mew england cheddar, folded egg, crispy bacon, avocado, and a home made sriracha mayo - all for the tidy sum of around $5, and it was easily the best thing i ate all day. honestly, the biscuit was crumbly in the best kind of way, but sturdy enough to carry the burden of all those toppings in one mouthful. i couldn't get over how cheap this meal was, when here in london that would have easily been double the price - and it was served with a smile. we *may* have been slightly hungover, too, and this was the perfect antidote.

the coffee? sure, it was good too. almond iced latte is hard to mess up, but between the three of us there were three different orders, and they nailed them all (and they were all delicious, by all accounts). we did notice a lot of the good old fashioned american drip/filter coffee as we made our way around the country, but never actually fancied a try - i prefer my coffee made fresh, not sat out to burn and go bitter all day, but from what i understand, the americans don't quite mind it, as more often than not, it's free. still, i'd sooner pay a couple of dollars each time and get something i want to drink - yaknow?

so, next time you're in new haven, check out fussy coffee - and try the biscuit!

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