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30 May 2019

making your end of tenancy clean as fantastic as possible

*the following is a review of a gifted service*

had you heard: i've only gone and bought a flat. more on the ins and outs of that later, but for now, i want to share what had the potential to be the most stressful of all the parts of the actual move from old-flat to new-flat: moving day. not only do you have the heartbreak of packing all your stuff up into boxes and bags and whatever else containers you can find, uncovering once-lost favourite bags and once-fitting clothes, but you re-discover how much utter crap you own, and spend a lotttttt of time debating how many pairs of black boots need to come with you on your next adventure (reader: it's about six, if i'm honest).

moving day can easily be the hardest part - the most physically grueling of all the tasks, but even then, once you're out, there's the aftermath. the clean-up has to happen, before the inspection can happen, before the new tenant can move in. there's the pressure to really clean everything - every nook and cranny, the dust bunnies you've been cultivating over the years completely eradicated and just knowing that no matter how well you clean it, the inspector will always find something you've missed. so, to unload this extra pressure that i certainly did not need on moving day, i enlisted the help of fantastic services to ensure that the end of my tenancy was the cleanest it could possibly be.

they arrived mere hours after the moving men had been and gone, on time and with all the equipment they needed to complete the one-off deep cleaning of my bedroom and shared kitchen (my flatmates are staying in the flat, so we didn't need a whole end of tenancy clean, just a domestic clean, professional carpet clean in my bedroom, and one hell of an oven clean after some seriously messy use), and literally asked nothing of me for the next three or so hours. i sat in the lounge room, furiously ordering more things for the new flat to be delivered the next day, and the amazing crew from fantastic services literally scrubbed, polished, and steamed the absolute heck out of my once-worn spaces.

the after pictures are incredible. the bedroom was cleaner than the day i'd moved in, and looked like it was brand new. that carpet was previously stained (before my time), full of hair (definitely my time), and looked incredibly worn in places (a shared disgrace), but you would never have known after the crew had been in there. i was told not to walk on the carpet for 24 hours, but seriously, it looked so new and floofy that i wanted to go dancing in it. when my flatmates came home, and i showed them the inside of the oven, their faces did that thing where it sort of seems like your jaw might disconnect from your skull, you know? the word "sparkling" comes to mind, but i don't want to undersell it. honestly, i am loathe to clean, and tend to do a half-hearted job. these guys, clearly take pride in their efforts, and it showed.

so, not only was i spared the anguish of actually having to do the hard work myself on leaving the flat (after helping with the actual moving process that day too), but i was left with a much better job of an end of tenancy clean than had i actually bothered to do it myself. to be honest, these days i find it just so much easier to pay professional people to do things i'm not good at, or don't like doing, and i feel like if you have the money to do that, then what's the problem? i for one have no issue with having professional cleaners around every now and then, and now that i know how much of a great job fantastic services do, i'll definitely have them back. and, if you fancy £10 off your own cleaning through the site, you can use my code beingerica on checkout to score that nice discount too.

many thanks to fantastic services for the complimentary clean in return for this totally honest review of their job. you know by now i would tell it like it is - i hope!

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