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22 July 2019

staying in: the bathroom tour

if my living room was inspired by trips to scandinavia, then the bathroom was definitely influenced by jaunts to the mediterranean and north africa. this room gets no light whatsoever, and was pretty bland and basic when i first moved in; there wasn't even storage in the room for basics, or a mirror above the sink. i'm surprised there was even a loo, to be honest. with the lack of natural light in there, i knew the walls would need to be light and bright to create some warmth, and when i started looking into inspiration, i knew exactly how it was going to come together.

it started with these fantastic stick-on tiles that i found online, similar to the ones i used on the living room wall. the magenta and aqua and yellow were the definite pop of colour that this room needed, and once i'd painted the tiles in the shower enclosure white (they too were magnolia before - ew), i used them in the centre of the wall to draw the eye directly to them when you enter the room. not satisfied with them only being on that one wall, i rolled them out above the basin to, to really tie both corners of the room together.

then there's the bright yellow wall (and then also: tub). magnolia is not going to fly on any wall in my home, not least of all the bathroom. it's a small space, but the bright yellow gives it a sunny splash, and really adds warmth to the space (the space is actually naturally very warm as it doesn't have any ventilation as yet, yeesh), and every time i'm in there, i'm transported back to sunny spain, morrocco's mdinas, and pastel-perfect portugal once more.

the plants are succulents and fakes, because there's not much else that will thrive in a sun-less room. the towels i use are all in the same colours of the tiles too, because i love when things co-ordinate. and the prints are the start of a beautifully vibrant gallery wall that i hope will continue to grow as long as i live here. as i mentioned, there was no storage or a mirror when i moved in, so i found a few bamboo pieces on amazon that fit the bill and complimented the colours perfectly, and truth be told: i think this room looks a lot more expensive than it was to create! it makes me happy whenever i'm in there, but it's a bit lame that it's the room i use the least, and the one you don't really get to show off!

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