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15 July 2012

my week in an insta(gram)nt

i was so happy to wear this wee outfit last friday, as the last time i wore it i was 7 kgs lighter, and still living in australia. the mama brought it over with her, and so it felt good after the last few months of eating reaaaally healthily to see that it was all starting to pay off.
walking through the square on friday morning, we came across about 100 pandas doing tai chi. no big deal. the head line on the front page of the evening standard that night was 'pandamonium on the underground!'. good.
it came to my attention this week, as i was trying to decide what nail colour to settle on, that i might have entirely too many nail polishes. given the options available, i thought i might try this gradient nails tutorial and see if i can follow basic commands.
turns out.. i almost sort of can - who knew! the edges needed a clean up, but... pretty good first attempt.
every time i wash my hair, i get about a gazillion compliments. note to self: wash hair more often.
i'm super addicted to this colour combo at the moment, and got really bored of my home job gradient nails so ended up repainting on tuesday and mixing it up with something completely new. polka dots.

on wednesday, carmen and i were off after work to see katy perry's movie 'piece of me'. i think we kind of went as a bit of a joke, and because we get half priced cinema tickets on wednesdays, we kinda thought 'why not?!' i've been a k-pez fan since the first time i kissed a girl and liked it, and so.. yeah. i wanted to go. omg. it was really sad, too. you know, mostly it was about the rise and struggles she's faced in getting to where she is today - all the knock backs she's taken by the industry, and really just how hard she's worked to get to being able to head line a year-long european tour. obviously just before the tour embarked, she and russell brand famously married after knowing each other after dating for about 10 minutes, despite his history and her rigid evangelistic upbringing.. and then just as famously divorced just over a year later. while the film doesn't aim to focus on this part of her life, i mean, it's hard to not. people will always want to know what happened, whom did what to whom, etc.. so, there was quite a lot of 'honest home videos' from during that time, showing how much she was struggling being on the road while he was home in america. how she would work 14 days on, 3 days off and fly back to the states to be with him, and he only once went to her on tour. like, she did not stop for an entire year. and gigged every night. and worked behind the scenes just as hard. so.. i don't know if this movie was meant as some publicity stunt to gain her more fans, or paint him in a bad light, or.. just tell her side of the story. we all know he's quite apt at dishing out inappropriate jokes about their short lived lives together, so maybe this is her way of giving him the middle finger and staying classy about it. who knows. it was a good documentary though, we definitely shed a few tears though!

clown pants! yeh! these are my new faves.. they're so deceptive! they're like culottes but longer - almost to the floor. they are super high waisted and really flattering too, so double win. i love this outfit.
friday night was a blur. much like the photos i have to remember to it by. i was super busy friday afternoon and i needed to let my hair down (what's new) with a wine (or two)(bottles). most people from work, including boyfriend, were out for a work mate's birthday, so just a few girls from work and i headed around the corner from work. happy hour wines make me so happy. at about 10:30, after 4 bottles of wine and numerous cocktails, we four called it a night and went our seperate ways. my walk home was.. swaying. but how nice does shaftsbury ave look through my drunken eyes?!
last night we were out for mark's birthday. boyfriend and i met up with mountain just after 5 at angel and went for nandos cos we were starved. we met up with mark and his mates at the york for a couple of drinks,  met up with carmen there too, then made the sound decision to go back to mountain's house with a couple bottles of vodka and cans of red bull. we planned to stay there for an hour or so, or until the neighbours complained about the dying-cat-like sounds coming from the 5 of us singing beach boys/fleetwood/bob dylan/queen/smiths classics at the top of our lungs. once the booze was gone, we headed to the nags head for one last 'quiet' drink before making our way to the o2 academy for feeling gloomy which opened at 10:30. sadly we were the only people in there for about an hour, which was fun... mark and his mates were there about half an hour after us, then we partied partied partied our night away.. until 12:29 when i realised that we had to leave LIKE NOW cos we had to get our last train from london bridge. fooooolishly, i did not think to check before hand what time the last tube left angel. which, as it turns out, is before 12:30. so, we headed back to the club, but was a bit fed up and annoyed at having missed our last train, we decided to try for a night bus instead... i will never do that again. we got on the first bus about 1am, and didnt step foot in my house until after 3am.. so tired, so glad to be home, so annoyed that a perfectly timed 27 minute train journey could actually take over 2 hours by road.

hey london, get stuffed!

love, erica x