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7 September 2012

a thought process

i have just spent my lunch hour reading. i was supposed to meet some lovelies for a last-day-at-work-lunch but it's sooo hot and i was stuck doing some work then i couldn't find them, and i left my phone behind at work then i had to come back.. i digress. instead, i have been catching up on bloglvin' and discovering new blogs, ideas, tips... i decided i need to have a regular post; most bloggers have the 'things i love thursday' or 'wedding wednesday' or something equally as catchy but somethind they commit to once a week. i'm getting pretty regular at posting now, and you lovelies are stopping by more than ever - which i am eternally grateful and confused by, but it makes me happy that you do and i want it to continue. i want to really make a go of this blogging malarkey, and the amount of new friends i've picked up in only a few months has been really amazing.. who wouldn't want more of that? so, how do i do it?

i've been networking more with my fave reads. following more (and being followed more) on twitter and instagram. it's all so new and scary! a year ago i had an addiction to facebook and couldn't manage a monthly email to my best friend. now i am 100% involved with the internet. it's fascinating. i am so envious of so many people, and i am constantly inspired to try new things, read new things, make new things, re-use old things...all because of something that has been available to me for years. so many amazing bloggers have had so much of a head start on me.. how will i keep up? should i even try to keep up? should i just try to be me, instead of them? of course i should! but will people like me as well as them?

i hope so.

sorry i'm venting.

erica x