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25 July 2016

some happy things

the bright side | it's no secret i've been down a lot lately, but thanks to some wonderful new happy pills and potentially even some new methods of stress relief, i am feeling a lot better. so much so in fact, that in my mid-year review last week my boss noted that i've "been more pleasant to be around; people have noticed, and are really happy for you", which is probably the best feedback i could hope for. 

my favourite sale | a few weekends back i was invited to the launch afternoon tea of a new website/app designed to help spread the word about great sales on the high street. they're on the look out for bloggers to contribute to their blog and be ambassadors for their brand (think bargain hunting and social media - some of my two favourite things!), so if this sounds like you, then go check it out!

bangarang | last weekend i headed over to little miss katy's fourth of july party in clapham (thanks to uber pool, my new favourite service) and played beer pong with blue vodka and ate sausages in bread and had the best night with my best girls. i know i say it a lot, but i truly am so lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly strong, fierce and independent women.

ice cold | dear god, it's been hot. i bought a pedestal fan for my room, which has changed my life and made sleep possible. i've invested in watermelon. i've been making iced coffees daily. it's so damn hot that i've been basically itchy for weeks, so been taking antihistamines for itchy heat rash. the combination of these and my happy pills has been giving me mad dreams featuring a variety of blogger pals and celebs. it's so damn hot. it's funny, but please make it stop.

west is best |i've been out to west london twice in the last week, and both times on the hunt for delicious food. i don't normally head out west as it's so damn hard to get to-and-from, but the spoils of the journeys definitely made it worth it. keep your eyes peeled for the low down on that later this week.

even wester is bester | omg, bristol. i thought i loved brighton, but the west country is a whole 'nother kettle of fish. the accents, the cider, the balloons... all so breathtaking and loveable. i can't wait to share my weekend out west with you; i hope you'll love it as much as i do.

coincidentally | i got to meet so many wonderful bloggers this weekend, as well as an old instagram friend. melanie and i have been chatting away back and forth on instagram for what seems like forever, yet i had no idea she lived in bristol. so, when she realised i was there, and i realised she was there, we decided to meet up; despite never having "met" before, the friendship was so familiar that we just sat and chatted for an hour and a bit before i had to head off. not before hanging out with cary grant though, of course!

i hope you've had some fantastic things making you happy this week too.
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