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20 February 2017

some happy things

hello and welcome to another episode of "things wot makes me happy, innit". i don't feel like i've written one of these in a while, probably because i was away, then i had better things to write about - like berlin, and galentines, and i guess my documented happiness came only second to my actual, real-life happiness. so, without further ado, here's a small catch up.

natural light at long last | i don't want to cause a scene or anything, but.. it's been totally lovely waking up to actual sunrises and having actual sunshine in my room pre-8am. the trudge to-and-from work this last week has been lit by actual sunlight, rather than street lamps, or, you know - the moon. it's been so sunny in fact, that my now-daily #lumiehighlight update has been replaced, because.. girl doesn't need lumie when she's got sunshine bae instead.

valentine's day | i received actual flowers and champagne from a real life boy this year, in what was my first valentine's day not spent alone in almost three years. i know; no-one was more shocked than me. it was so nice, even though it was *supposed to be* an out-and-out mockery of the stupid holiday, i somehow ended up with my very own valentine. weird, but very nice.

snail mail | i got some super sweet mail this week too, from one of my internet faves, and that did wonders for putting the smile on my face!

pizza party for one | i worked from home during the week for plumber duties and hopeful doggy dates, and spent a lot of my day trying to decide whether or not ordering one large pizza from pizza hut's special of the day menu was gluttonous or genius. i went with the latter in the end.

new music | this week i was introduced to maggie rogers, and now i am in love. 

mani/pedi | i also did my nails for the first time in a loooong time, thanks to a helpful starter kit from sally hansen's miracle gel range. if you fancy winning a set of your own, just tag me and @sallyhansenuk with the hashtag #colorofthemoment in any picture of your nails, and i'll pick my favourite. simples!

an overdue catch-up | i hung out with an old pal on friday night for the first time in a long time, and it was fun! we had a number of drinks, which probably aided the fun, but we went to a gig, saw some music, then got the train home and made a number of train pals because of our witty chat. turns out everyone loves a bit of disney chat! who is your favourite disney princess? mine is nala!

a big lie in | and then i slept a hundred ours and it was delightful.

secret walking tour | i went for a quick errand run to lidl on saturday, and stumbled into a glorious minefield of amazing street art a mere *mile* from my house. i am spoiled, for sure, but i bet i was the only person on saturday who dumped their shopping bags in a side alley so they could take a hundred photos of their new treasure.

the people vs oj simpson | oh. my. god. i discovered the new series by the creators of "american horror story" over on netflix on saturday, called "american crime story" and i was *hooked* in the first five minutes. the first season is on the oj simpson murder trial, and it's incredible! it's got some seriously big stars in it, and some amazing acting, and i cannot recommend it enough. i am a nerd for true crime stories so this was so unexpected and so, so worthwhile. i watched the whole thing with only toilet breaks and food. all ten episodes. i loved it!

this week i'm off to bucharest with the girls, and have a few busy nights planned before then, so... i hope you have as good a week as i plan to!

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