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30 June 2017


so, things have really escalated from that one time i wore jeans and pranced around slovenia in pink trousers. like, remember how i mentioned that i was going to buy some capris, and then suddenly i had a whole wardrobe full of the things? yeah. it's really snowballed from "jeez it's fucking hot and my inner thighs are chafed to shit" to "how about i buy this bright purple jumpsuit with an obnoxious fern print all over and wear it at the seaside". and you know what? i couldn't be happier about it!

for the last seven years or so, i've really honed my personal style: fit. and. flare. fitted tops, and flared skirts. that's what makes me comfortable, that's what i look good in. or so i thought. because what i've noted since indulging my thighs in a little respite from the chub rub, and wearing more trousers day to day, i've... been a lot more comfortable. and, i've been getting all the compliments. and, did i mention the comfort level?! 

jumpsuit + backpack : new look | jacket + shoes + sunglasses : primark

so, i guess what i'm saying is that maybe my style could have been updated a little sooner, and now, more often. does this mean you're going to catch me in skinny jeans and crop tops into autumn? no, it doesn't. what it does mean is that i've welcomed a pair of culottes and this delicious jumpsuit into my life, and i'm just not ready to quit this new phase yet. so, there you go; you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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