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3 July 2017


the tricky thing about planning a day out in our beautiful capital, is the weather. even on the sunniest of days, there's always a chance of rain, and that stuffy humidity can sometimes be too much for even the most heat resistant of us. you sort of get into the habbit of taking an umbrella with you at all times, as well as a stick of concealer, a bottle of water, a roll-on perfume... all the essentials for when the weather inevitably changes and you're caught a little short. it's the london way!

but i suppose visitors to the city aren't as prepared for this as we are, which is why those clever, thoughtful, innovative sorts over at marriott county hall have come up with a next-level service to help save your plans whatever the weather; the silver linings service - which is bookable through any of the modern and luxurious suites in the hotel, is there to salvage any plans potentially lost to the elements. in a world-first, and based on information from in-house meteorologist kirsty mccabe (of sky news fame), the well-trained concierge team will tailor-make a weather-reactive itinerary for you, to ensure you still benefit from all that london has to offer.

the silver lining service is (so far) only available until the end of november - when i suspect it becomes less "whatever the weather" and more "it's winter in london", and includes fun little things like: gift boxes with luxury skin care and foods, dry cleaning and taxi vouchers, umbrellas, alcohol, chocolates, and more, as well as a beauty treatments tailored to the weather, so you are still able to enjoy your stay, regardless of what's going on outside. see: silver lining!

having been lucky enough to experience some of the package's highlights myself, i can hand on heart say that those spa treatments are just the right amount of luxury for when it's a bit hot (a bit? it was bloody boiling!) outside. the sunshine-ready express mani/pedi had my nails looking like they belonged to someone else in about twenty minutes, while the summer cocktails whipped up by the experienced staff had me forgetting that i'd sweated about two litres on the tube ride there. and, if it's your sort of thing: each of the suites is totally and comfortably air conditioned. i hadn't had such a good night's sleep in so long before i stayed there. and if nothing else: look at that view!

big old thanks to marriott county hall for showing me there was a silver lining to the hottest day ever, with a stay in their beautifully refurbished hotel, and looking after all my summertime needs. find out more about the hotel here.

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