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22 August 2017


i have had this post drafted for months, and have tried to write words to support the images i've edited at least a hundred times. i'm not sure why i'm having such a hard time writing this post, but i think it might be this: this day, the one i want to talk about, was one of the best i've had in the year that's probably been one of the hardest in my life, and writing about it - putting words to the emotions i felt that day, and sharing them here sort of.. makes it.. disappear. i don't want the memories to disappear, i want to remember that day, so in the biggest catch-22 of them all, the best way to do that: write it down.

about six months ago i'd noticed that one of my longest internet friends - toni - had started a new instagram account: incolourfulcompany. i followed along as the images shared on the account were all to my taste, and very much my aesthetic: colourful. vibrant. quirky. outrageous. happy. from following the account for a bit, i learned that in colourful company was more than an instagram account, it was more of a community of these vibrant souls, from all across the country. they would actively plan "hangouts" and "colour walks" where groups of these colourful members would get together and scout colour in their cities, and generally get to know each other.

the main point of the community was to bring self-employed and entrepreneurial types together online, when they might normally just work solo. being self employed can be really lonely, and for these colourful characters, being alone is just not part of their lifestyle. so, in colourful company was born, and has grown and grown, and now hosts hangouts and colourwalks across the uk, the netherlands, and - wait for it, we even have one planned for euro-disney next year. yeah, massive snowball effect here, and the community grows by the day.

one day earlier this year, i was asked to help plan and lead london's first in colourful company colour walk, with two of my instagram faves: zabby allen and zoe from too cute to quit. i was not (and am still not) an active member of the community, only popping in and out when it suited, or when i saw something fun happening in my neck of the woods. well, this was happening in my neck of the woods, and they wanted me to lead it. i was honoured! but terrified. i work in events, and i go to plenty of them from week to week, but.. lead one? scary. new for me, and very scary.

we planned for months, and nailed down our route, and organised stickers and goody bags, and made sure there was vegan food and nibbles for the crewdem. the invite on the facebook page said 100 people were coming. one hundred people. a terrifying, but exciting number. then the day came. and charley helped zabby and i carry all our goodies to our chosen meeting point (and took loads of candid pics on the day too while i was too busy - thank you!), and... well, it was the most special, successful, and confidence-boosting day of my life.

the girls were all so kind and cute and creative, and more than happy to have a chat about nothing but what we were all wearing, and more than willing to pose for one zillion and one photos of the special day we all had. and it was - a special day, and for me, one that i won't forget for a very looooong time. the compliments and comments and ego-boosting messages didn't stop for days, maybe weeks after the fact, and i know now i have met some amazing people, who i will definitely be catching up with again soon. watch this space... honestly, it really is better to be in colourful company.