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23 August 2017


alternate post titles: it's almost my birthday; i'm going to japan soon; things i need to buy.

i have not been on a long-haul flight in a very long time. like, many less times (is that even english?) than friends i have from home who go back every year, less times than english friends who take big, long holidays across the world, and muuuuch less than my mum, who's now clocked up six long-haul flights in the six years i've been here. that's twice as many as me. i literally came here, and have been back on a holiday once. i tend to keep my hauls quite short-to-medium, so i'm a little bit freaking out about that. but that's not why we're here.

why we're here, is because since my last long-haul flight i've picked up a few travel tricks that i want to try to make the 14 hours fly by (pun very much intended). it just so happens that this trip coincides with my birthday too, so i'd quite like to not have to buy any of the things myself if i can help it. *wink* like noise cancelling earphones, which aren't entirely cheap, but i've been assured make long-haul flights uber comfy because they drastically reduce the feel of the cabin pressure (and noise, very important) of the ears, which is a big problemmo for me. god bless my infamous sinus problems for making flying a bit uncomfy for my head of late, but anything i can do to help reduce that, the better.

i obviously want to travel comfortably; since joining the gym and turning 30 i have fallen in love with both athletic leggings, and lacy bralets. ask that girl who flew from australia all those many years ago what she wore on a 30+ hour flight from melbourne, and she will advise it was nothing as sensible as that. at all. she's grown a hell of a lot in that time (thankfully). she also now has a passionate love affair with comfortable clothing, so i will obviously be travelling in something that doubles as a pyjama top - especially considering our first flight from london is just after 6am.

and, oh! oh! we're planning to go to tokyo disney while we're there, so obbbbviously i need to get some tasty disney merch in my luggage so i can totally disneybound as my hun minnie when i get to meet her japanese equivalent. glitter ears and backpacks are the order of the day, and will go quite nicely with the mickey-mouse dress that both katy and i have picked up in preparation for the happiest day of our lives.

other things i would very much like for this birthday, in no particular order:
- some new clarks taylor palm shoes, in this year's colour: bronze!
- tickets so i can finally go and see kinky boots in london!
- a lush house plant for the entry hall in the flat!
- vouchers for my bae store: new look! all the new autumn dresses!
- japanese yen to put towards my birthday party in disneyland!
- a neon light for my room, in a cactus or flamingo, or rainbow (oh my!)
- the new marc jacobs fragrance!

all very reasonable requests for an almost-34 year old, no?

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