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15 September 2017


do you ever just feel so certain about something that when you discover that the opposite is true, you start to question everything else you've been sure about in your life? take these trousers for example: these were one of the very first pairs of trousers that i bought at the start of summer, and yet i've never worn them. mainly because i thought they'd be looser than they are, and i took one look in the mirror and decided they made my legs look too thick, and promptly disregarded them in favour of the wider-legged culottes that have made their way into my wardrobe since.

i was telling charley about them while we were in newcastle and how i planned to give them to her, then on a whim last weekend, decided to wear them. with the addition of this gorgeous embroidered shirt from donna's instasale and my babe of a raspberry suedette biker that i nabbed in the sales last month, i actually thought... well, i thought that i looked ok. maybe more than ok? maybe.. maybe i think i looked quite good in them, despite first (and second, third and fourth) thoughts. i mean, they're certainly tighter than my others, and i am definitely not used to wearing trousers this tight that aren't my gym kit, but.. yeah, i felt really good in them. 

sure, they still need some wearing in before they hit that super comfy stage, but i feel pretty proud of my booty gains at the moment, and i've accepted i will always have strong and thick legs, but i guess in a past life i tended to want to hide them rather than show them off. these days, i'm feeling pretty confident in my body (where's that come from?)(gym, maybe?)(oh, medication. who knew!), which is definitely something new for me, but something i am learning to love. being slim has never been the dream, because i have always been a curvy gal, but being strong and sassy has been the goal for some time now, and... i'm getting there... slowly.

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