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27 February 2018


last year my new year's resolution was to pat more dogs, and this years is to grow more plants, which - in a weird way - can really be a lot harder than the former. since my patch delivery arrived, i've been diy-ing and rejigging my room around in order to make homes for them all, and so far, so good! because i've been spending a lot more time in my room than ever before, i really want to make my space something lovely and lively, and as bright as possible because - even in the sunnier months, my room can be quite dim. i have a massive victorian window that's half the length of my room, but with warm beige walls, i don't get much light reflected. i'd hoped that introducing plants would  bring a bit more colour and a lot less "drab wallpaper" to my walls. and if not, then that's where my print addiction comes in handy.

i'd seen the print and framing e-store desenio doing the rounds on instagram, and had even been served an ad or two for them around valentine's day - with a nice little discount code to boot, so of course i had to have myself a nosy. far be it from me to be picky at all, but within like, minutes, i had more than twelve prints and frames in my online basket, and absolutely no willpower holding me back from buying them all. thankfully, some sense kicked in and i managed to whittle down those twelve to four, but even then, i have the remaining ones on the wishlist for "next time".

well, my prints arrived in the week, and i managed to finally get them up over the weekend. before i could though, it was a quick jaunt to the new bunnings hardware store up the road from me in penge, which juuuust so happens to have a wonderful garden centre there too. which sells plants. indoor plants. i meeeaaaan, with last month's additions from patch and the new ficus, cactus and ericacae plant i picked up from the garden centre, it might be too soon to say this, but.. i think i'm nailing my new year's resolution!

 framed prints c/o desenio

i guess the challenge now is keeping them all alive, but.. with the majority of them being succulents and cacti, and tough, wild plants, i think i'll be ok. i may need to move them around a bit still so the dry-lovers get more window time while the peace lily and fern get a little more "space" from the others. i probably also need to invest in some plant food, as i'm not sure that water will just suffice, but for now, it will do. it will all do, because, honestly - tending to these plant babies fills me with such joy!

honestly, i can't wait for the one day - desperately far in the future, when i can own my own home and have the chance to decorate it how i like and fill it with plants, but until then, i'm going to absolutely make do in the space that is mine, and surround myself with wonderful things and wonderful prints. aaaand, if you fancy doing the same, then desenio have been generous enough to offer a discount of 25% if you use the code beingerica at checkout. available on all prints, just not frames and handpicked posters. note: this code is only valid until march 1st 2018!

*framed prints gifted by desenio, but all words are mine.