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23 February 2018


yes yes, we all know that last year was the year that i became obsessed with a "new to me" trend - culottes, and since last year have welcomed about ten pairs into my wardrobe by way of some of the internet's favourite online shops, but.. well, it's clear that the love affair hasn't quite fizzled out yet, because let's all welcome yet another pair to the mix; i was scrolling, scrolling, scrolling through my fave shop - everything 5 pounds - looking for some summery-ish garb for my next trip, and stopped dead in my tracks for these kick flares.

they're black, which i obviously wasn't immediately fond of, but then i thought about all the fun ways i could incorporate colour with them as a base. they're pretty fun anyway, what with the lil ankle flare below the shin, and super comfy to boot, so i am pretty pleased i took a chance on them. they are tiiiight though, don't let my happy smile fool you - they make this "schh schh" noise when i walk, where the thighs rub together and the shiny fabric friction gets all hot and noisy, which is hilarious when i wear them around the quiet office - but for brunch with the gals? totally fine.

well, except for the sitting part. they're super high waisted, and at the moment i am sort of carrying all my excess weight in that area so sitting and eating isn't so much fun. walking around, though? totally joyous and wholly comfy, as the trou are made from a nice stretchy fabric that gives my big old arse and it's siblings - my chunky thighs - a place to survive without fear of the rip. you know "the rip", right? trust me, the fear is very real in new trousers, but i'm faaaaairly confident that these have enough give in them to keep me safe for a little while yet.

because of the whole "belly excess" thing, i'm a big fan of sloppy jumpers at the moment - because they cover a multitude of sins,mainly, and also because so cosy, and so comfy. this stripey number i picked up in my local st. christopher's hospice charity shop for less than a fiver, and it's so damn cosy. it's from m&s originally, so you know the quality is there, and the high neck and long sleeves give the jumper a little something something i've been missing in my wardrobe without knowing it. in essence: this jumper makes me feel like someone who buys jumpers at m&s, and i am genuinely not that person.

pink coat c/o lotd | jumper : thrifted | trousers : e5p | shoes : new look | socks : monki | sunglasses c/o david clulow | backpack : skinnydip

and obviously, that was just too much black for one day so i threw an insanely large coat over the top and got on with my day. insanely large, as in it's like a trench coat made out of marshmallows, and just as bloody snuggly too. sure, it's not fluffy like a literal tonne of my other coats, but it's hot bloody pink, lined with stripes, has popper buttons, and is obviously my new favourite coat. can't go wrong, really! the minute i saw it online i knew it had to be mine, so when it turned up the same day as the new trousers, it was like a sign from the e-commerce gods that all my baskets had aligned, and my outfit was written in the code.

there is one really, really bad internet-based analogy for you, guys. you're welcome.