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1 April 2019

brunch at | the lazy peach, forest hill

a few weeks before valentine's day, i stumbled across a nice little brunchy offer not far from where i live, in a new (to me) cafe in forest hill. charley and i had been wanting to throw off the single lady vibes and go somewhere nice to celebrate our fabulousness that weekend, at the two-for-one prosecco cocktail offer at lazy peach was too good to overlook, really. we headed down on the sunday after a sunny walk around forest hill, and just about had the place to ourselves for a hot second before it started to fill the hell up, with locals, friends, families, and even workers from some of the other local shops along dartmouth road.

when you first walk into the cafe, it's hard to know where to look first. from the independent artwork and local seller's wares along the left wall, to the mix-and-match tea-testers wall by the counter, to the colourfully eccentric decor all around, it's a riot of curiosity for any colour hunter like me. the small touches - like the hand-written menu labels and daily specials were an added bonus, but really, i was sold on this cafe before i'd even seen the menu. and then? mostly torn, because there was just so much i wanted to try, and narrowing it down to enough for just one meal was going to tough

in the end, i landed on a "build your own" toasted sandwich, with belly pork, asian slaw, sriracha mayo with pomegranate and goats cheese (odd combo but tooootally delicious) for the simple price of £4.50, while charley went with "eggs tokyo" - which meant we could take advantage of the 2-4-1 prosecco tea pot deal (it was only available on the eggs dishes and i don't eat eggs) - which was tempura soft shell crab on an english muffin with a poached egg. honestly, my ciabatta sandwich was absolutely delicious, and so full of flavour! the goats cheese and pomegranate were sweet and cut right through the spice of the sriracha, while the juicy pork belly was tender, crispy, and the best decision i could have made.

other than the hello panda waffles (£5.50), which were so sweet, so crunchy, so sugary, so full of ice cream, and biscuity treats, and chocolate sauce, and powdered sugar, and oh my god, they were so filling and delicious, and you know how much i love waffles. the only thing that could have made these better, would be if there were more of them. and they were never-ending, and were delivered straight to my door. other than that, they were amazing.

the day that we visited lazy peach was back when i thought i was moving to forest hill, and i was buzzing that i was going to living in mere walking distance of this cafe, and was planning weekend trips for those waffles. but now that i'm not, i'm considering a monthly plan instead. if you fancy checking it out for yourseld, you can find it here: 49a dartmouth road, forest hill, se23 3hd

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