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4 November 2019

staying in: the bedroom tour

*this post includes some gifted items*

fiiiiinally, at long, long last, my bedroom is complete. i say "complete" - though because it's me, i doubt anything will ever really be finished (i like changing things too much) - but what i really mean is: the walls are finally painted, and i have finally been able to hang my many, many prints. i feel like "hanging things" is a real sign of completion in a room, and the morning after i'd finished hanging everything, i looked around me and was just so.. cosy. the room finally has a sense of personality, and is somewhere i now actually want to lounge around and spend time in, whereas before, it was all just a little... dull.

*comfy pink sheepskin slippers were kindly gifted from celtic&co, and are the perfect addition to a new and improved bedroom. oh so cosy!*

i've had all the furniture in the room since shortly after i moved in, but i think the paint job and the art on the walls really ties it all together and really demonstrates the look i was going for. which, if we're considering what i said about my other rooms and their themes based on my travels, i guess the bedroom is kind of an ode to asia's beautiful nature, as most recently enjoyed in sri lanka. the black framed prints above the bed are oldies but goodies (previously gifted) from desenio, while the bed and the bookshelf (with a upcycle/spray paint job by me) are both from my local argos. the bamboo lampshade and the side table are both from amazon - where i got a lot of my living room furniture from, as regular readers will know!

i always wanted a feature wall, but i hadn't decided on what colour it would be until i spent those two weeks in sri lanka recently. jungle green is a colour i never thought i'd fall in love with, but here we are. it makes me want to fill the room with fresh plants and reclaimed wood, but we all know i'm not really the diy-er i wish i was. the combination of blush pink (colour: you're blushing) and the green (colour: cobalt green, both kindly gifted from valspar paints) make the room feel so cosy and fresh at the same time, like a breath of fresh air greets me every morning when i wake up now. sounds lame, but i am loving it.

i have too many chests of drawers in this room, that's no lie. but, until i get a right proper wardrobe built into the room (hoping santa hears my prayers!), the clothing rail and many many chests is the only way to go. both white scandi chests were bought via wayfair, and put together by a lovely man whose name i don't remember and who charged by the piece of furniture, not the hour (thankfully). there are also far too many mirrors, but that's just vanity, really. both hexagonal mirrors were picked up at argos, in the sale, for less than a tenner (and i love them).

the prints and frames to the left of the bed are a mish-mash of prints and postcards, and random frames i have collected over the years. truth be told, a lotttt of the frames are from poundland and tiger, which are my two budget-friendly saving graces when it comes to decorating the flat. frames can really set you back a pretty penny if you don't do your research, and i will head back to poundland at least once a month to pick up more. some of the prints are by amazing artist pals like emma inks and emma zanelli, then there are some postcards from lisbon, marseille and new zealand in there too - as well as the gorgeous flat-warming gift from my bezzie back home, by australian artist carmen hui. i think it comes together so well, and i'm so happy that it's finally all "done"!

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