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4 August 2012

weekly wind up

ah.. what a week! quite a spontaneous and eventful week, for me at least. on monday after work i dragged boyfriend shopping on oxford street. i assured him it would be quick. HA. i wanted to check the shoe sales in new look, because both pairs i had purchased from asos last month had to be refunded as neither pair really fit. that's the trouble with buying online i guess - you can't try them on first, and i have a stupid foot that requires lots of trying on. i found three pairs that i really loved, and when i went to pay at the checkout i was offered a store card. having recently received my first uk credit card, i'm not really in a position to need another one, so initially i declined; but, the  woman at the checkout was selling the benefits of the card so well, that i thought 'what the hell!' i always pay my cards back, and i've never paid interest on a purchase before, so i knew i would be ok. because they do a credit check in-store, it only took a few minutes to get the all clear - and the best part is that your first purchase has to go on the card. so, i walked out with 3 new pairs of shoes, and didn't pay a thing! (i realise i will have to pay... eventually) based on this £20 saving, i decided that i should continue shopping, and as such, headed for forever21 where all the sale product was buy one get one free...three dresses later, i was one very happy bunny.
so..  as you read here, tuesday night saw me randomly dye my hair pink. i still love it! the hardest part is trying to dress in the morning now, because basically all of my clothes are pink already. is there such a thing as too much pink? i think not! especially when you have three new pink-hair-friendly dresses to wear...

so.. some bad news at work this last week.. liz is leaving us for pastures new. wah! we are very happy for her, naturally, but also very selfishly sad and pissed off because she is our work mama and who will supply us with food and hot water bottles and neck rubs and kind words and hugs and sound advice? no one! that's who! so, on wednesday she, carmen and i went out for lunch to the new bills! cafe! in soho to commiserate.

i got some good news myself, that you may have read about already, on the way home on wednesday; i wrote an article for consideration for layoutmagazine.net and they emailed me on the way home to let me know that it was going to be published! wait, not only were they publishing, but they said that they did not even need to edit it! i was so happy i cried on the train.. to be fair, i had had a few drinks that night, but nevertheless.. i have always wanted to do something with my writing - this blog was a stop gap; an outlet, but i mean really do something with it. so, being a 'published contributor' to this magazine is a really great first step. i am really proud of myself.. it's been awhile!
the weather.. has been hot still. hot and rainy.. just yuck. the positive, is being able to wear this amazing dress i've had for months, and only worn once. i bought it before i started to lose weight, as something i could wear when i lost some weight. finally, i got to wear the dress. and i felt good.

friday, friday, gotta get down on friday! ok, if you insist! well.. we actually weren't going to go out after work, but boyfriend got some excellent news of his own on friday so we headed out for one to celebrate. 5 hours later, i was in a baseball cap and doing the mc hammer dance because of exhibit a: clown pants.

another amazing night had though, i always do when it's just boyfriend and i left at the end of the night. there were some random work people hanging about too, and it's always good to have a few drinks and chat with new people. i was well and truly knackered and in need for a lay in today. which i well and truly had. and i feel alive again! it's been a relaxing day today, catching up on shows, nails, generally chilling out guilt-free and trying to avoid all olympic related tv (very hard, let me assure you).. just finished watching taken and can't for the life of me think why they would bother with taken 2 (taken again? re-taken?) because... who's going to mess with neeson ever again now? cray. hey, here's my nails:

and that's me done for this week. tomorrow i will need to blow some cash, as for a week after pay day i still have some left. and that is cause for alarm. hope you've had a good week too!

lots of love, erica x