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8 August 2012

out of control

heyyy so remember how i went shopping last week and the lovely shop assistant gave me all my stuff for free* in return for signing up for their amazing store card? yeah? well, i also got a £5 voucher for signing up, and yesterday me card arrived! inside the welcome pack was a 20% off voucher! so many vouchers! naturally, not to be used in conjunction with each other, but meh. free discounts! you guys know how much i love freebies. so, after work i headed to new look because there was a bag i wanted to try on. it's too big, sadly. i find that in the city i love a cross body bag; they're easier to throw on and board a crammed train than something i have to remember to keep an eye on. i might have a change of heart because it's soooo pretty, but until then, it's not meant to be. next, i looked through what is left of their sale shoes, because i saw a gorgeous pair of platform wedges (WHO AM I!?) on a girl walking to walk through leicester square this morning, that i was sure i had seen in new look. no luck again (i will hunt them down. they will be mine). on the way out though, the sale section... it beckoned....
wellllllll.... yeah. there was also a pair of aqua flatform wedges and floral tee for another £8 total, so. out of control. ANYWAY. knock a fiver off with the voucher, and i woulda been a happy girl except.. when i got to the counter (no helpful assistant this time) there was an issue. the swedish lad slooooowly folding + scanning my stuff couldn't figure the system out, so he yelled (loudly) for someone else. they read and read the back of the voucher to see if i could use it on sale products (of course you can't), and then yelled out at yet another person to help/waste my time some more. so, no. couldn't use the voucher and, yes; i spent another £47 on dresses this next picture will indicate I do not need:
oh well. that's what credit cards are for boyfriend tells me. on a happier (what's happier than new clothes you ask?), my latest ebay purchased arrived today, and i cannot wait to wear it tomorrow. soooo yum!
happy days!

*i realise it's not really free. but.. free for now.