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3 August 2012

working girl

a couple of weeks ago i came across an advert on gumtree asking for contributors to an online publication that was looking to also go to print in the spring. rather than experience, they were looking for talent, and there were a wide range of areas that needed contributions. i got some more information from them just so i knew that i wouldn't be wasting my time, and spurred on by boyfriend and my nearest and dearest, i wrote a piece for submission. much thanks to bex and carmen for being my target audience and suggesting i remove bits and pieces, and also boosting my ego by telling me how amazing i am... a lot (i guess this proves i am..?).

without any further adieu, please follow the link below to read the article that is now published over at http://layoutmagazine.net/.. without sounding needy, i would be ever so grateful if you could go over and have a read just to give the site an idea of the traffic i can bring to the team.. who knows, this might become a permanent affair? *fingers crossed* maybe even rate the article? go on!

i'm really excited by the possibilities this could mean!...........

love erica x