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15 October 2015

food | take on the tiger

for those of you reading this in the uk, who probably think they know from looking at that picture what is about to go on here, stick with me - it's not what you think, ok. and trust me, i'm not from around here, didn't go to uni or learn how to drink here, and i ~still had the same perception that you probably have now. please also know that all of my colleagues laughed at me when i told them i was going there for dinner, well... until i sent them the following pictures, of course. 

tiger tiger, infamous club chain, known for their 2-4-1 happy hour cocktails and student night beer specials and loud (loud) and cheesy music and light-up (and sticky) dance floors, have re-launched their london venue with a brand spanking new restaurant, and a brand spanking new menu. and with the haymarket kitchen's new menu comes a  brand new foodie challenge: take on the tiger.
the challenge: to consume the tiger tower burger, fries and spicy slaw, plus one shot of bourbon and a bottle of beer, and remain alive and upright and make it home without falling into a food coma. tough! the tiger tower has three kinds of meat (chicken breast, streaky bacon, beef patty before you ask) in it, as well as onion rings (no thanks) and salad, plus fries et al, it was going to be hard. 

let me tell you right now how hard it is to get something that big in your mouth (stop itttttt). it was a logistical nightmare trying to work out how to get the burger off plate and into mouth, so best bet was the "squish and cut" method. we pulled those pointless sticks right out of those burgers, squashed them down within an inch of themselves, cut them in half, and dug in. there were times when i needed to break for digestion, for air, for beer, and for fries, but i bloody did it!

of all the food bloggers taking the challenge that night, katy and i were the only two to actually finish the food. that's an appalling state of affairs, isn't it? and you know when you've eaten nothing all day in preparation for a big meal but can't do it because you're stomach's shrunk so instead you graze all day to keep your stomach happily half-full so you can eat all the things? that. i did that. and so because i did that, i even had room for dessert. ice cream and chocolate fudge pancakes. 

i felt dirty, yes, but i also felt really, really full. massive thanks to the tiger tiger team who made us all welcome in their new restaurant, and who were nothing but helpful as we attempted their challenge. i cannot recommend the food enough, now that i've tried it. i mean, i've been to tiger tiger before, and always had a ~great but awful time; you know when you end up fighting with your bestie and losing a shoe and crying on the tube? 

those were the days. but actually now, i think i'd like to try again, but only definitely after dinner.
tiger tower burgers anyone?

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