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2 August 2016

london | a prehistoric picnic

a few weeks back now, jaye suggested we hold a little bloggers picnic while the sun still shines. we laughed it off, naturally, sure the sun had already disappeared for the year, but keen to throw ourselves a little picnic all the same. and so it was, that with a little careful planning we somehow managed to all end up in crystal palace park on sunday, laden with picnic hampers, finger foods and a blanket, and ready to dine with the dinosaurs, in a prehistoric picnic.

we had cupcakes and sausage rolls and cream cheese sandwiches with the crusts cut off - everything you could want in a sunday picnic, really, but the cherry on the picnic pie? some delicious ready-to-drink cocktails graciously sent over from muddle and mash that were made all the more special with little umbrellas and gloriously fat straws! bliss!

i've never seen these bad boys on the market, but they're so cute and clever! there are four flavours to choose from (coco berry cosmo, green tea mint mojito, strawberry and elderflower daiquiri and passionfruit pornstar martini, and all you do is top up the glass bottle with a shot of your liquor of choice, give it a shake, and away you go; the perfect picnic cocktails! 

buuuuuut because sometimes you need to make your own cocktails, we also had some pretty pink gin on hand too, because what could be more perfectly erica than pink gin? nothing! pinkster gin is like, gin (my favourite drink) that has been distilled with actual real-life raspberries (my favourite fruit), and so it's naturally pink (my favourite colour)! i usually shy away from gin with tonic (i know), because i find it a little bland. but, i tasted pinkster with fever tree tonic when i was at taste london last month, and all i could taste was pink. winning!

i mixed the girls and i up some pink gin served with a little fizzy water and some fresh mint and raspberries, and it was pure yum. and yes, we possibly had more boozy drinks than we did crust-less sandwiches, but i don't judge your picnic habits, do i? and don't let it be said that i don't bring enough to drink to a picnic (i made sure we were sat by the toilets, just. in. case. too, because i'm nothing if not prepared).

we hung around in the park for a good couple of hours, and barely made a dent in that stash though. that's testament to the company, i assure you, not my willpower. promise. so thank you to jaye for the incredible idea to hang out with the dinos, and to katy, tasha and milli for their incredible company. i love you awesome nerds!

(and thanks to muddle and mash and pinkster gin for the lovely drinkies!)

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