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1 August 2016

some happy things

ladyfuzz | life's always a bit shit when you get back from holiday, innit. this week has been no less blue since getting back from bristol, but something that brightened my monday morning was receiving my ladyfuzz pin in the post! i've been honoured to write for this zine for the last few months, and it's been so well received by so many great humans (a couple of editions even found their way to hayley from paramore!); sometimes the opportunities i've had really overwhelm me.

bristol memories | during the week this fantastic picture of me in bristol popped up on twitter, and i had totally forgotten about it! the girls and i had gone to watch some open-air shakespeare and to commiserate (not my cuppa tea), i bought us a jug of pimms. it wasn't until after i'd purchased said jug that the girls told me they'd not be partaking, so i went on to try and drink the whole bloody thing! i literally got two cups in before pouring the rest into an empty wine bottle and taking it back to the hotel with me...  pure class, really!

the queen at 90 | after meeting up with madame guillotine in bristol (stop talking about bristol already, sheesh!), she invited me to join her at a morning press event at none other than buckingham mother flipping palace, and i naturally, agreed wholeheartedly! i'd never been and was super excited, before i even asked what it was for - oh, only to check out the largest exhibition of the queen's wardrobe the world has ever seen. i saw her coronation dress in the flesh. i saw her wedding dress in the flesh. i saw some of her most iconic fashion choices from the last 100 years, in the flesh. and if you, like me, have an interest in fashion, the royals, or british history, then i urge you to do the same.

thirty plus | i didn't win, which is ok. because when my name was called out as a nominee, my friends applauded, and cheered for me, and i felt like i'd won. to even be nominated was an absolute honour, and to be in a room with so many other amazing bloggers was incredible. winner, schminner.

sundazed | i had the best sunday i've had in a long time, and in my own backyard no less. god bless internet friends, dinosaurs, and the power to rustle up gin when you need to. more on that in the week.

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