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30 August 2016

some happy things

the good ship benefit | my first (and last) time on the pink ship was back in april, so when the opportunity to go back aboard and have a couple of pinkster gin cocktails with a really nice pr girl came up - how was i to refuse? the 'pink lady' is my new fave cocktail; gin, elderflower, sugar, lemon, mint and blackberries. just deeeelightful!

run for belle | you might have heard about the bring and buy i'm helping organise at work to help a colleague raise some much-needed funds for an operation that's not covered by the nhs, but last week, my colleagues went one better and ran the entire tube line in a massive #runforbelle event. i'm not a runner, me, so i stayed behind the scenes and kept the team motivated with my incredible social media use, but being part of something so worthwhile and compassionate really brought a smile to my face. (donate here)

red hot wings | a few weeks back i made some tasty chicken burgers with some sauce i was sent from frank's redhot, and off the back of that, i was super lucky to be invited along to wingfest a couple of weekends back as their guest! more on that to come, but needless to say: delish!

sunny daze | is there anything better than a sunday morning that's full of hot coffee, a good book, and sun streaming through the window? no, i don't think so either.

share a little smile | a few weeks back i was asked to be involved in a little blogger-swap with a few fab ladies in the girl gang, and it made my day to see this picture of katy wearing the t-shirt i'd picked for her that reads: eat, sleep, flatlay, repeat - which, if you know katy, is the absolutely perfect slogan for her! look at that face!

bangarang | uggggggh, brunch with my babes is always a treat, but when it happens over black daal, garlic naan, and bombaylinis, well... happiness is a place at dishoom, that's for sure. i am so lucky to have these radical cheerleaders in my life, usually only a message away, but in person? ugh. even better. chinwags and celebrations of awesomeness should happen more often. especially when they involve impromptu photoshoots and beers around shoreditch.

mum's here! | it's that time again - mum's in town! she's here for a couple of months, and has so, so, so much planned while she's here. trips here, there, and everywhere, and what a great time of year to come! everywhere she goes, she always brings the weather with her! you're welcome any time, mum.

craic-ing up | ireland! we've been there for the last week, hence it being quiet around here lately, but bloody hell a break will do you good. it was a bit stressful - i did all the driving for the five days we had a rental car (one of those days was almost 11 hours of driving on winding roads!), so was pretty weary by the end of the day, but nothing a pint of murphy's can't solve! was great to be back in cheerful ireland - i'd forgotten how gorgeous that country is, and how bloody spirited those people are, but maaaan alive, what a great week. more on that to come (when i can be bothered to edit the 1000 pictures i took...).

brunch | i made a wonderful discovery in belfast, and it happens to share the same name as my favourite meal. and it's pink. and has hundreds and thousands on it. and it's ice cream. stop!

pink ireland | since i tried to turn my instagram theme pink, i've had a hard old time trying to find worthy-enough images to upload. and then there was ireland - a land renowned for the rolling green landscapes and pretty shitty weather, and yet... i'd say i pretty much nailed it. thank you, ireland.

pink hair | for some unknown reason, the most recent hair colour treatment didn't take so well, and so i spent bank holiday monday making it right. and heeeelloooooo, shiny new pink bonce! it's love, once more.

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