ok, i am so ready for spring now, and my current wardrobe favourites are evidence of that. as per my spring palette post, there's a lot of grey, pink and leopard print floating about my room at the moment, gagging to be worn, but.. it's still bladdy cold!

thankfully, one of my new favourites is a super chunky roll-neck jumper that i scored recently from bows boutiques. it's not my normal style, but the second i saw it, i knew i would make it work.. despite the fact i don't own or wear jeans, and all i own are fit and flare dresses. it's a lot longer than what i expected, but the minute i put it on, i knew it needed something frilly and flowing poking out the bottom to add my personality to a pretty basic jumper.

and then i remembered this fab dress i've had hanging in the back of my wardrobe since dying my hair pink - it was put away initially because i legit can't wear it without looking like a crayon, but with the long-line chunky jumper on top, it works perfect! this combo is my new comfy go-to, and since i received the jumper two weeks ago, i've worn it more than i care to mention.

jumper + coat + shoes c/o bows boutiques | dress c/o uniqlo | bag c/o e5p

and the coat? i am obsessed. i've wanted a leopard print coat for ages, but haven't found the right fit for me yet, i still haven't, as i wouldn't say this one is the most flattering on my pear-shaped body, but it's super retro and i love the whole look together. especially the glitter trainers, which are both comfy and jazzy at the same time, making them the shoes of my dreams, really.

and no. i didn't get a hair cut, though i am living for the deception the roll neck creates when i'm too lazy to do my hair. total win win, wouldn't you say?

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